Gluten free in Cannes part 1

Another anniversary, another year in Cannes. I look forward to this week every year, just because I get to spend quality time with my husband and get a break from the usual housewife and mother duties.

This anniversary was different to all the others because it was the first time I was going to Cannes as a Gluten Intolerant visitor. Do the French cater for special people like me, I had no idea. I had already resigned myself to salads and meat as my staple diet while in Cannes. Unbeknown to me, my husband had not given up so easily.

This sign was on the door of a restaurant that was on our gluten free map.

My husband, the ever prepared person that he is, searched online for gluten free places in Cannes. Amazingly, it brought up a map of all the places which were supposedly gluten free friendly. Not all the places I visited while I was in Cannes were on this map but like I said, meat and salad are fine sometimes.

I hope this gives you a good idea of possible places to go and what the quality of the food is like. Most of the places that we ate were reasonably priced. A few were expensive but we are in Cannes after all!

La Casa di nonna

La Casa di nonna says they cater for their gluten free customers and they really do. You are not in France if you don’t get given bread before your meal. These guys promised gluten free bread but the waitress forgot to bring it. I wasn’t too bothered as I didn’t really feel like bread  but the fact that they actually do gluten free bread was fantastic. On the menu were the usual things like pasta, steak, chicken, fish and salad but on this menu they added a simple sentence – “All pasta dishes can be requested with gluten free penne pasta. Please allow 9/10 minutes.” Now, this is what I’m talking about… Just remember to mention that you want the gluten free pasta when you order. Also, if you want gluten free bread at the start of your meal you will need to ask. Making the gluten free ‘pasta’  dish does take longer but it is truly worth the wait. I ordered one of the pasta dishes. Mine was a bit underwhelming because it was just pasta and tomato sauce but  it was enjoyable. It wasn’t bland in taste and the texture was fine, so overall, not a bad dish. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of my food as I was too hungry and just dove straight in.

The main thing I gleaned from this restuarant was that there was gluten free ‘pasta’ in France. Its wasn’t expensive  and the staff were friendly.

Worth a visit. Dish vote 6/10

Le 33 – 33 Rue Hoche

Image credit: Google maps

Le 33 does not really cater for gluten free customers but like I said previously, most places do some form of meat with salad, chips or potatoes. We sat outside as the weather was really nice. August in Cannes is always really warm so we try to sit outside providing they have available seating. Remember, in Cannes they can smoke  in the outside seating so be aware of this when picking your seat. Obviously, if you are a smoker, I will assume you won’t mind.

I ordered the breast grilled duck with mashed potatoes and crunchy vegetables. This was soooo nice. The duck was cooked just right with a little pink on the inside. The sauce was amazing, probably a plum sauce which goes really well with duck. The veg and mash were cooked just right. The mash wasn’t super creamy but its mash and mash comes in varying consistencies. This consistency was fine with me. Crunchy vegetables are the best because this means they are not  over cooked.

Worth a visit. Dish vote 8/10


Bella Storia – 51 rue Félix Faure

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Bella Storia can be found on the busy road that runs parallel to the Croisette. Either get there early or book a table, otherwise you may find yourself in a queue to get a table in the evening. We arrived there in the evening and sat inside as these were the only seats available. Bella Storia was the best gluten free restaurant I found. I am not saying that there are not better gluten free restaurants in Cannes as I didn’t visit them all but this was the best one I visited while in Cannes.

Gluten Free Pizza in Cannes - Bella Storia
La Parma – Tomate, Mozzarella, Culatta de jambon de Parme, Roquette, origan

Why was it the best, you are probably asking yourself, because they don’t just do pasta, they also do PIZZA’s. I thought I would capitalise the word PIZZA so you could see the importance of it. I am not a big pizza fan but since my intolerance took that option away from me (not fully but it did some what), I was over the moon to see it on their menu. Any pizza on the menu can be ordered as gluten  free. This also goes the same for their pasta dishes.

La crème brulée – half eaten

I ordered La Parma – Tomate, Mozzarella, Culatta de jambon de Parme, Roquette, origan. It took slightly longer to make which I discovered is normal for gluten free food in restaurants so have some patience as it will be worth it. I added some spicy oil and this added to the taste of the pizza. Super crunchy edges on a thin base. A truly beautiful pizza. This tasted like a  ‘normal’ pizza. You will be able to taste the difference but once you know there is a slight difference then the taste becomes your normal pizza taste. I had a crème brulée. This has got to be the best I’ve had so far. The caramelised top was not too thin and not too thick. A small tap with my spoon and the top cracked, music to my ears. The sugar on top was not over done, it was a nice caramel colour and not black.

Gluten free
Goats cheese salad

Basically, I still had my teeth when I finished eating it. . The crème brulée was creamy, really creamy. Not too sweet and not too thick. As you can see from the photo, it was perfect. I did eat a potion of it before I remembered I should actually take a photo of it, so forgive me… 🙂

My husband had the goats cheese salad as his starter. If this is something you like, ask them to remove the toast and this will be fine to eat. I tasted it, obviously missing out the toast and this was really nice.

I don’t really like goats cheese but this was really nice. I liked this place so much that I made my husband bring me back :).

The second time I visited this restaurant I had a pasta dish. Unfortunately I can’t remember what it was called I have added a photo in the gallery above for you to see. This was an interesting taste. It was flavourful but too dry for me. I definitely needed a sauce. I am now used to the taste of gluten free paste. Although it does not taste like real pasta, I think once you have added your spice and seasoning or sauce, gluten free pasta is just as good.

Great food in a nice Italian hot spot. Worth a visit. Dish vote 9/10.


Ma Nolan’s – 6 Rue Buttura

Ma Nolan is an Irish pub which always has Live sports on the many TV screens so we like to go there when our premier league football team are playing. Unfortunately, they don’t really have a worthwhile selection of gluten free food options but they do have Ma’s Fiery wings which were really nice and flavoursome. The meat is juicy so not over cooked.It is also slightly spicy.  What impressed me was  their menu in terms of how they laid out the allergens for the food. Take a look at the photo. Companies that take the time to make menus easier for people with allergies/intolerance’s deserve a visit. Even if it’s only for a drink.

Oh, I had crème brulée again. This was nice but a little over done on top. The edges were nice but the middle of the top was a little too burnt but the crème was nice enough.  Yes, I’ve fallen in love with crème brulée. Worth a visit, even if it only to watch football and have a drink. Dish vote 6/10.


Le Marais – 9 Rue du Suquet


Where do I start. My starter was a Melon. I mean half a melon. No decoration. Nothing fancy. Just half a melon and a spoon. There is not much I can tell you about the melon. It was a melon. It taste the same as any melon anywhere in the UK.

Spare ribs and potatoes

My main was Spare ribs with potatoes. The ribs looked really nice when they came but god were they dry. Thanks god there was gravy as this made the ribs more enjoyable. They were seasoned well but I prefer my ribs a little more moist. In all honesty, it think I prefer my spare ribs being covered in sauce. The veg and potatoes were ok. Nothing special. The sauce was nice but again, nothing special. I thought here was over priced especially that the food was nothing fantastic. Visit if you want. Dish vote 6/10


La Guérite on the island of Margutire

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This place is amazing. Its the second time I’ve been there and it was just as nice as the first time. The prices are not for the fainthearted but it’s worth it. We go there for our actual anniversary as we believe this is the one time when the price should not matter. My husband booked our reservation online where they allowed him to add any dietary requirements for himself and his guest – That means me ;). OMG, can you actually believe that they bought gluten free bread to the table soon after we arrived. I know it’s just bread but it felt like i won the lottery.

I ordered steak, dauphinoise potatoes and asparagus. These were soooo really nice.  I like my meat medium but I think it could have been cooked a little longer but the quality of the meat makes you forget that it was too medium. As long as there was no blood running down my meat then i am happy. The meat contained very little fat, you could tell this was quality meat. Not just by how it tasted but also by how it looked. The meat was nicely seasoned. I was not too  sure about the sauce the asparagus came with but I like asparagus so I ate it nonetheless. The potion sizes were good but they seemed a little too much for me but it was a fantastic meal so no complaint on the potion size.

For dessert I had crème brulée again. This was larger than the size I am used to. The sugar top was alittle too thin for my liking and some parts were not really covered that well. I like to tap the top and watch it crack. Not overly creamy. It was a nice enough but not my favourite.

Oh, before i forget, Elton John came in with his whole family to eat while we were there. Just a little bonus to our anniversary lunch. But I wasn’t star struck because I had my own super star sitting opposite me.

Definitely worth a visit. Dish vote 9/10.

Cannes part 2 will be coming soon, where  I will review Beef house, Coco loco,  La Plage Barrière Le Gray d’Albion and Palais de Jaipur.








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