Gluten free meal at Bills Restaurant in Wimbledon, South London 09/18

Wimbledon has always been a hub of activity and Bills Restaurant is no different. The reason I went there was because I knew they had a gluten free menu. I mean a whole menu for gluten free groupies.

It wasn’t busy so we were able to choose where we wanted to sit. The tables were amply spaced so there was enough room to sit and move around without having to tell someone excuse me just to get up and go to the toilet.

There were so many options on the menu, enough to make you lose your mind. The gluten free menu was pretty much the same as the normal menu. They had the same dishes but instead of chips the gluten free menu would have potatoes as an example.

I decided I wanted to have something that was really gluten free. Steak and potatoes are gluten free but not really the gluten free that I wanted. It was a burger for me. This would allow me to try their gluten free burger bun which is what I call a gluten free meal.

I didn’t bother to order a starter as I knew I wanted a dessert and I can’t eat both as much as I would love to.

I ordered a medium cooked burger with no additional toppings but the usual salad.

As you can see from the photo the burgers appearance was ok. The bun didn’t look very soft but looks can be deceiving. I lifted the bun from the burger so I could feel the bun independently of the actual burger. The bun was hard, dense and dry. Oh my god, this burger was worse, it was sooooooooo dry. I had ordered a medium burger and this burger was anything but medium. It was more like a well done burger. A dry burger on a dry bun is not really appealing but I ate as much as i could as I wanted to give the actual taste some credit. There was nothing interesting about this burger. The burger was dry, over cooked and tasteless. The accompanying salad was not bad but it was just a simple salad with a nice dressing. You can’t really go wrong with a salad. I left about a third of the burger and just ate all the salad.

Next up was the dessert. The gluten free menu had far less dessert options than the normal menu but at least there was something on it other than ice cream. Like my main, I wanted a dessert that was really gluten free, so I chose the chocolate brownie with Ice cream. I am not a chocolate fan but it was the only option that was an actual gluten free option. I have tasted gluten free brownies in the past and I must admit, so far, all have been miles away from what a ‘normal’ brownie should taste like but this was not the case at Bills. Oh my goodness, this was amazing. The brownie was not crumbly. It was moist and VERY chocolatey, totally smooth in my mouth. For me, the ice cream was needed as this helped dilute the large quantity of chocolate used to make this dessert. If there was one thing I would change and that would be to add more ice cream to my plate but that is simply a preference and not because there was anything wrong with the dish. If you love chocolate then this is the dessert for you.

As a place to eat, I would definitely  go there again, why, because there are lots of options on the menu and this was just one dish. The service was a bit slow but not a bad place to eat, plus its right next door to the cinema.

6/10 for the meal.

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