About me

Who am I? Well, I’m a mother of one, a wife and a sister to one sibling. I was born and raised in the UK. I’ve always lived in South London  and can’t actually see myself living anywhere else. London is a happening capital. Plus it is very multicultural which is what I love most about London. I love going to the cinema, on holiday, cooking, baking and spending time with my husband and daughter. I work full-time as a digital development manager which i enjoy but now I have a new purpose in life. My new purpose is to find or make food that does not taste like sand or cardboard. I lost my ability to process gluten in food but I didn’t lose my ability to taste the food and I want my food to taste as close to the taste I remember when I wasn’t gluten intolerant.

My gluten free journey

In 2016 I had a big change to my life. We got pregnant. As you know, pregnancy changes your body. Well, gluten caused my body to react badly, it would give me unbearable stomach aches until I thew up everything in my stomach. It was truly horrible. Unfortunately for us, I miscarried but I was left with a permanent reminder (gluten intolerance) but I didn’t know that at the time. If I am honest, my life went back to normal  after miscarrying. By that, I mean I went back to eating gluten as I did before i got pregnant. I don’t recall being ill until the latter part of 2017 where the toilet became my best friend :(.

For the longest time my husband had been telling me to change my diet because I have a medical problem that can only be fixed by surgery which I don’t plan to have. He thought I could elevate some of the symptoms by changing my diet but i was always adamant that my medical condition was the reason for all my problems and changing my diet wouldn’t do anything. Anyway, eventually I decided to change my diet. You have to understand that at this point I still hadn’t realised that gluten was causing my bloating and diarrhoea because of my medical issues which I was more focused on. This was January 2018.

I started off by cutting out bread and pasta to see what would happen. I was more focused on getting rid of my carbs than anything else. Anyway, some days were good and some days were bad.

One day I had an epiphany, maybe I am wheat intolerant. I decided to cut out everything that contained wheat. Everything seemed to be going ok but some days I was rushing to the toilet because of my diarrhoea. Then I had a second brain wave, ‘Maybe its actually gluten and not just wheat that I am intolerant to. Have I been gluten intolerant since I was pregnant?’. 

Once gluten was removed from my diet, the bloating and diarrhoea disappeared and my medical condition got a little better.

I made a few mistakes  while cooking or simply forgot that I couldn’t eat certain things so the bloating and diarrhoea would come back. Now, I feel like a pro when it comes to gluten free food. I check every label before purchasing it. If I am not sure, then I have a salad as the aftermath is not nice. Plus my husband and daughter just worry about me when I am not well so i try not to give them something to worry about.

My husband and daughter are the best. They are always looking out for me and what I can eat. They are always willing to try the gluten free food I make.

The one thing I have realised since becoming or accepting my gluten free status, is that gluten free desserts (cakes, biscuits, cheesecakes…etc) are pretty much disgusting. Sand and cardboard are not textures I plan to get accustom to and this is what a lot of them taste like.

I decided while on holiday in Cannes that  I would write a blog about my gluten free journey. This would include where I ate while on holiday and at home, and the gluten free dishes that I make. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and please read and comment on my stories. 

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